The UoA employer has introduced a new category of academic employee called Professional Teaching Fellow (PTF).

The employer asserts that this new category is not covered by the Academic Staff Collective Agreement (ASCA). TEU asserts that it should be.

A PTF is employed to do everything a Senior Tutor is employed to do with the exception that a PTF is precluded from being able to negotiate to do research as part of their employment at the UoA.

However, PTFs are employed on an individual employment agreement (IEA) on inferior terms and conditions of employment to other academic staff who do essentially the same work, see link to the IEA  on which they are being employed -Part 111 proposal (clean) UoA claim.docx.

There is only the legal minimum sick leave as opposed to an unspecified amount for other academics doing the same work

There is no incremental, i.e. year by year, progression up the salary scale. Any movement from current salary is at the decision of the employer.

There are many other provisions that are a legal entitlement for other academics doing the same work that are not guaranteed for PTFs.

We believe that this is unfair and has the strong potential to undermine the conditions of allacademic staff at the UoA.

So far, 101 people have been employed on the employer's PTF individual employment agreement, 99 of them on fixed-term contracts.

Your TEU negotiation team is currently bargaining  the Academic Staff Collective Employment Agreement (ASCA) with the employer and we have countered the employer's move by tabling a claim to include PTF in the ASCA, with terms and conditions consistent and equivalent to those of other academic staff, link to PTF claim final draft

The employer has also tabled a claim that the PTF be included  in a new Part 3 of the ASCA with the same terms and conditions as their individual employment agreement.

The undermining of the terms and conditions of academic staff, which have been hard fought for and agreed through negotiation between members and successive employers at the UoA over many years, will be strongly resisted by the TEU negotiation team, see link to Academic Agreement comparison with PTF IEA.doc.

We have just had a series of stop work meetings to seek membership feedback and direction.

Comparison of Duties

Current ACA 

  • Maintenance of standards
  • Keeping up to date with the field
  • Contribution to creating andmaintaining an outstanding teaching and learning environment
  • Innovation in the design of experiments or learning programmes
  • Communication of artistic orprofessional skills by example
  • Application of professional skills and innovation to teaching
  • Accessibility to students for academic advice and counselling
  • Academic and pastoral contact with individual students
  • Proficiency and reliability in thepreparation and delivery of material;
  • ability to inspire students ;
  • Conduct of tutorials; preparation and delivery of practical classes, demonstrations and workshops

PTF IEA / proposed Part III

  • Initiatives to enhance the advancement of under-represented groups & appropriate response to differences in learning styles based on gender, ethnicity, and/or disability.
  • Contribution to student equity activities and initiatives
  • Mastery of Subject matter;
  • Objective-setting, planning and flexibility in teaching programmes; just and accuratemarking and assessment.
  • Contribution to development of subject materialmarking and assessment